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About us...


Cowmattress.eu is part of moduulbouw B.V. and is specialized in supplying cow-mattresses with an excellent price / performance ratio.


For support or consultancy please contact René Isselman, Rob Bulte or Gerrit Bulte.


Our goal...


We have been a reliable supplier of quality products for many years.

We strive to maintain this goal and

try to work out the most ideal and cost effective solution for you.


Convincing evidence...


In the picture below the comfort of our mattresses is clearly displayed. The cows can freely choose where to lie down. The choice made by the cows is obvious. The improved comfort will not only prevent injuries of the skin and joints but also increase the productivity of the dairy cow.



Welcome to our website. You can find all relevant information about our cow mattresses here.

We supply various sizes mattresses with an excellent price / performance ratio.

The quality of our cow mattresses has already been proven for years. In some places our mattresses are already used for over 23 years. Even now the resilience of these mattresses is still optimal.











Convince yourself. ...


Installing our mattresses is very easy and therefore can be done quickly. It is also possible to test our mattresses.


Go to our contact page where you can request a  product sample to convince yourself.